Made by hand in picturesque Matlock, Derbyshire.

Established 2017

Matlock DE4 | UK | England | United Kingdom |

I've always loved sewing, crafting and being creative, so it came naturally to me to want to 'create' things when I became pregnant with my first child. Lets call it the 'nesting instinct'! From bunting and blankets to cushion covers and baby nests, I loved making things just for her and creating her very own personalised nursery. Of course, then she arrived and suddenly there wasn't much time for sewing!


Fast forward to the birth of my second 'Small' and my passion for sewing was reignited. This was my 'me time'; those precious hours at night once the kids were in bed and I could get lost in my sewing world! 

handmade children's clothing
children's clothes handmade derbyshire

What started out as a hobby has fast grown in to a passion, and I barely go a day without sewing. All of what you see here has been created during nap times or in the wee small hours of the night and has been a labour of love. 


I believe that children's clothing should be full of personality, fun and unique; just like every child.

From rompers, dresses, and skirts, to leggings, dungarees and little accessories; I hope there is something here for everyone. 

My favourite part? Hearing my daughter shout to anyone who will listen: "My Mummy made it!"

Thank you for supporting us on our journey this far - it means the world. 

Caroline x